Q1. What are the school timings?

Normally, we have playschool period of 3 hours 30 minutes across all our schools. But the timing differs for full time students. Usually, the school is open during morning hours and functions up to 6 hours to 6 hour 30 minutes.

Q2. What are the latest technologies used in Rainbow group of schools?

Rainbow group runs with the latest technologies to make learning tech savvy and enjoyable. The revolution to change the methods of learning includes various programs initiated by Rainbow group. Some of them are

  • Virtual projection, one of the latest technologies used to make learning virtually connected to the children.
  • Partnered with Microsoft technologies, by connecting to the upcoming digital technologies and to undergo a customized learning process.
  • Our carefully selected content along with state of the art infrastructure for nurturing kids in the best possible manner.

Q3. What is the teacher to student ratio across rainbow group of schools?

We care about our beloved children and are always readily available for providing a proper attention to them. Our teachers are our assets and we have a proper management system for determining the teacher to student ratio. On an average, our schools follow a teacher to student ratio of 1:20, wherein, one teacher takes an account for 20 students in a classroom. This ratio varies from school to school.

Q4. What are facilities available in terms of transportation?

Almost every school under the Rainbow group provides the facility of transporting children safely to their home. Whereas in concern for the safety of the children, we have a school worker present in every vehicle dropping children to their home and handed to the parent in person. These facilities also vary in accordance with the location of the school.

Q5. What are measures taken in terms of children safety?

All schools under the Rainbow group are equipped with camera surveillance for safety of the children.