From 6th class onwards starts IIT foundation

Rainbow schools pioneer IIT Integrated programme is aimed at grooming the child from the initial stages of learning and directing the efforts towards a definite career orientation.

Hence, the students have a distinct vision and direction for their future goal i.e., to join IIT. The student is prepared so well that at the end of the programme, they do not go after success, in fact success follows them.

Our IIT-Foundation programme will not only help a child perform better in his board examinations by way of better understanding of concepts, but will also help him / her develop the acumen which will give him / her a distinctive edge over the rest of the peers.

The programme, which also covers Reasoning skills, Speed Maths, and Communication Skills, will also help the students prepare for various talent search exams.

Many schools have utilized this opportunity to build their own Winning Team. The arrangement not only helps the students make their schools proud at Board Exams but will also help them in competitive exams and other future academic endeavours.