About School

Rainbow group of schools

“We pave the way to the dreams of your child”

Rainbow schools, a centre of excellence in education, believes that every child has a treasure within. We pride ourselves in empowering students to gain global perspective on various aspects of academics and beyond.

“We are not making them a favour by providing education, we are collectively investing to change our old-aged education system”

We are here to make that possible through a strong focus on academics and other pursuits that prepare children to excel in every sphere of their life.



  • Empower student with skills of holistic and lifelong learning in a safe and enriching environment.
  • Nurture empathetic, aware and articulate individuals who provide visionary leadership.
  • Create a culture of excellence that stimulates innovation and sets global benchmarks.
  • Establish best practices and develop strategic learning system.
WHY Rainbow school

WHY Rainbow school

Rainbow school is not just a school but a community. It not only offers teaching in academic subjects but fosters all round development and excellence of students to ensure that they grow up into balanced and responsible adults.

There are many reasons why Rainbow school should be the preferred school for your child.

Highly Qualified Faculty

Highly Qualified Faculty

  • Rainbow school places a great deal of emphasis on the quality of teachers it selects.
  • We ensure that the faculty are well-grounded not just in the fundamentals of teaching but also as advisers to the students.
  • We recruit the best teachers and train them in teaching methods and leadership.
Ideal Teacher-Student Ratio

Ideal Teacher-Student Ratio

  • Rainbow school has a class size of 25 students per class. The faculty-to-student ratio is 1:25.
  • There is a strong rapport between the teacher and students, and the teacher gives each student personalized attention to ensure that their unique learning needs are addressed.
Friendly Faculty-Student Relationships

Friendly Faculty-Student Relationships

  • At Rainbow school, we believe that the relationship of teachers and staff with students should be based on trust.
  • Our students can approach the faculty with their queries and suggestions rather than assuming a purely passive role. This allows us to listen to the students and incorporate their feedback into our curriculum.


Activity-Based Learning:

  • At Rainbow school, we train students through a range of project activities so that they grasp concepts by applying them in practice.
  • Every subject is taught innovatively with a strong emphasis on demonstrating concepts and hands-on application in creative contexts like competitions, quizzes and workshops.

Wide Range of Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Rainbow school provides students with opportunities to pursue a range of interests outside and beyond the curriculum.
  • These activities contribute to the student's overall psychological and social development.
  • Training in these activities is provided through intensive workshops where students get the chance to explore their creativity to the best.


Student Leadership Development:

With ample opportunities at Rainbow, students learn leadership, self-discipline, and teamwork by thoroughly engaging with their peers and faculty.

Global Citizenship:

  • At Rainbow school, we ensure that students will be ready to become global citizens. Its curriculum gives them a tremendous competitive advantage in knowledge.
  • Its activity-based learning and self-development approach ensures that they get a similar competitive advantage in skills.

Right Values:

Rainbow school nurtures an ethos of compassion, tolerance, diversity, self-esteem and a sense of belonging and leadership, besides academic excellence. This ensures that students grow into bright, confident adults and morally responsible citizens.



The Environment: Rainbow school is a vast eco-friendly campus located in a serene environment.

Classrooms: Each classroom at Rainbow school is spacious, well-lit and adequately furnished.

Library: The school has one library for pre-primary students with several books. The library serves students, parents, and faculty with its vast print and non-print materials collection.

Sports Facilities: The school has sports facilities like indoor table tennis, besides a play area for the younger ones.

Activity Rooms and Labs: The school has an Activity Room, Math Lab and Science Labs.

Infirmary: There is an infirmary for sick students at the school managed by a nurse.

Day Care: The school offers a daycare facility for the children of working parents.



  • Rainbow school believes that parents play a constructive role in their child's education.
  • Therefore, we encourage parents to be a part of the teaching-learning process.
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer for school activities and contribute their valuable ideas and suggestions for the school's improvement.
  • We also keep parents actively involved in tracking their children's progress in learning and extra-curricular excellence.
  • We also have a robust staff communication system with parents to ensure they are duly informed of important school activities and their children's progress.