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Ultimate and Easy Guide to Time management for Kids

Ultimate and Easy Guide to Time management for Kids

From waking up early to having breakfast before going to school, you wish the process were hassle-free for your kid, right? Even after putting a lot of energy and thought into planning the day, is your child still late to school? This is when time management for kids comes into the picture. It is just as important for kids as it is for adults. If you are looking for ways to teach your kids about time management, this article is for you.

Instil time sense

Clock and time may look like rocket science to your kid. So, make it a little easy for them. For preschoolers, you can start with the concepts of less and more and name routines like sleep time, wake up, etc. Introduce them to seasons and time vocabulary. Kids above five years of age are familiar with the quantitative time aspect. Depending on the age, you can make them understand the nuances of hours, minutes, and seconds slowly and steadily. Just like riding a bicycle or reading a storybook, time management skills are something children must learn. Here's how you can teach them in a fun way!

Curate a calendar

Ideate and create an exciting calendar with quirky stickers, doodles, origami, or anything that pleases them. Remember, creativity knows no bounds. Mark all the important events in the month and jot down the tasks for the day. The crucial part is to ensure they stick to the daily schedule.

Family time

Nothing brings joy more than a family get-together! While you plan the events and your to-do list, enlighten your kids about the importance of family. Just sit back and watch how wholeheartedly they cater to spending quality time with them.

Create an activity chart

Does your little one have a passion for dancing or doing theatre or any activity per se? Although they have the zeal and potential, balancing academics and extracurricular activities becomes difficult after a certain point. Don't worry; time management for kids is to your rescue! Create an activity chart of what they like and assign a specific time to complete it.

Set a time limit

You can use physical timers like a smartphone or a watch to set a time limit for the given work. This gives them an indication to improve their speed and performance. With practice, they will learn to stick to the deadlines.

Reward them

Rewards are positive reinforcements that a child loves! The outburst of happiness when getting rewards encourages them to finish the assignments successfully and within the given time limit. Rewards don't always have to be materialistic. You could draw them a star if they improved their performance or any little things they seek for.

Prioritising things

While you leave no stone unturned to make sure your child finishes all the work, some things are still left out. Here is the secret to incorporating time management for kids; keep important tasks a priority. Teach them about deadlines and targets. Do not forget to fill them in on how to compare and contrast things that will further aid them in prioritising things. Like they say in books and movies, " Time is Money," so why waste it? Make the most out of time and do the things that give you immense bliss. Plan, schedule, and execute are the three notions to keep in mind. Time management for kids is a life-long skill! From multitasking to stepping into the hustle culture, one needs it everywhere. Hence, Rainbow group of schools ensure that our students learn time management skills with an exhilarating curriculum and activities.