Date: 20-06-2022 By:Admin

The Importance of Extra-curricular Activities for Students

Ever wondered why schools incorporate extra-curricular activities into their curriculum? Education should not be limited to the dimensions of a classroom, and it is crucial to break the monotonous academic patterns. There are several benefits of extra-curricular activities. Let's dig into them without any further a do.

Social skills

We kid you not, the science fairs and musical nights at schools are so fun. Working in groups, be it for group discussions or playing your favourite sports, allows students to embrace teamwork better. Building strategies to win over opponents nurtures the competitive spirit and builds communication skills.

Boosts self-esteem

Participation is the key to reaping the benefits of extra-curricular activities. MUNs( Model united nations) or public speaking instils confidence, helps improve leadership qualities and boosts self-esteem. They are like stepping stones to building personality.

Time management

Time management is an essential life skill. Constantly engaging in co-curricular activities and balancing academics along the line will teach students how to prioritize things and cater time to different needs. Ever heard about JAM (just a minute) sessions? Students need to talk about their perspective on a given topic in under a minute. Conceptualizing and ticking all the important aspects within the time limit is a skill everyone needs to master.

Gateway to explore interests

Are your kids passionate about learning music, painting, or playing cricket? Schools can create the best foundation to hone these skills. Who knows who is to be the next Picasso or Kohli. It is crucial to fuel their passions and let their creativity bloom. Extra-curricular opportunities are the best way to explore different career paths and relieve your mind from regularity.

Physical and mental well-being

The importance of extra-curricular activities for students lies prominently in their mental and physical well-being. Sports pave the way for a healthy life and inculcate discipline and leadership skills in children. You're mistaken if you think co-curricular activities distract your kids and hamper academic performance. In fact, such activities enhance your brain's cognitive and memory functions and aid them in grasping things better. How will teaching and learning ever be exciting when confined to the classrooms? Rainbow group of schools, we understand the importance of extra-curricular activities and encourage our students to take part in them thoroughly. The benefits of extra-curricular activities go a long way in bringing holistic development to them.