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New skills your child could learn this summer

Summer holidays call for some fun. With all the academic hustle on the other days, it is implausible that kids would be willing to study. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that the learning process should be at a halt. You can encourage them to develop new skills and fuel their passions. Even schools today are becoming inclusive. At Rainbow group of schools, we provide them with a safe environment to follow their dreams. We have a brief guide on the habits every child should learn during holidays.

Summer activities for kids

Exploring interests

As a parent, it is your responsibility to notice and give your children the freedom to explore their passions. Kids wait all year for the summer holidays; let them follow their hearts and rejoice in pursuing their interests. Look at the bright side; it enhances creativity and time-management skills. It also gives them the exposure to pursue a sports career someday.


Does reading in the summer holidays sound tedious? Well, it doesn't have to be. Make it exhilarating with comic books or classics like the Harry Potter series. Reading is a good habit every child should learn. It improves vocabulary, listening and comprehension skills. More importantly, they give them an insight into the outside world.

Life skill training

Life skills can go a long way in preparing your child for the future. They inculcate decision-making, problem-solving, risk analysis and many other pragmatic skills. Here's what you need to teach them.


We, as adults, are too concerned about money and are reluctant to get kids involved. However, money-handling can be a great way for kids to learn budgeting and finance.

Tips for budgeting

  • Give them some pocket-money
  • Ask them to save a certain percentage of that money.
  • Teach them comparative purchasing
  • Sustainable practises

    Teaching your kids about environmental preservation is not a choice but a necessity. Sustainability starts at home, and it is crucial to make your kids aware of its importance. Engage them in such practices and let them volunteer for community cleaning programmes. Gardening is also an exciting activity for kids. Let them sow and see them grow.


    The first thing that comes to mind after hearing "adaptability" is the survival of the fittest. On a very similar note, kids should learn life skills and foster resilience to face challenges in the future. We suggest enrolling your kids in fascinating volunteering opportunities like animal shelters or charity organizations. This helps them grow into responsible individuals and give back to their community. Seeking adventure? Camping is your ideal activity. Behavioural instincts like our response to fire, swimming and connecting with nature become prominent with Camping.

    We hope you found these summer activities for kids helpful. Although we at Rainbow group of schools ensure the overall development of your children, learning should go beyond school, and the best time to incorporate that is the summer holidays.