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Key Benefits Of Abacus For Kids

Key Benefits Of Abacus For Kids

Abacus is an instrument used for maths calculations for almost a century. It was commonly used by traders and merchants from Asia and Africa. Abacus was also used in various parts of the world like China, Japan, Mesopotamia, Persia, Rome, India, and Greece. But why do we need it today? What are the benefits of abacus for children?

Benefits of abacus

Children have a smart brain and a tendency to grasp concepts quickly. This is why research shows that children who learn abacus at a young age are capable of faster early child development. Abacus classes are also beneficial in non-educational perspectives. Here are a list of key benefits of Abacus for Kids:


Probably one of the most well known key benefits of abacus for kids is that it helps in improving concentration. Those children below the age of 5 who have already started abacus education tend to have better concentration levels compared to those who don’t learn abacus.

Improves observation and listening skills

Abacus is an art of excellent observation and concentration. The different colours and beads used in abacus tablets are intriguing to the children and get them excited about learning mathematics in the most efficient way. When the children are taught abacus, they listen and observe better. This is why abacus classes are a good exercise for improving listening skills and observation in the children.

Boosting memory

Abacus is all about memorising different combinations and implementing the same for mathematical calculations. One of the key benefits of Abacus for kids is that in their early childhood development phase, abacus helps them boost their memory and remember the technique used in the process. This way the kids tend to create a good mindspace of concentration and memory for themselves.

Amplify Speed and Accuracy

Abacus is performed in speed and is known for its accurate calculations. When children learn abacus they tend to process mathematical calculations effectively and even faster than the manual process. Initially it can get extremely tiring but once children get hold of the concept it becomes a piece of cake. This speed and accuracy will help children in their academic future.

Reduces Stress

Abacus can be a great tool to release unnecessary stress. It acts as a simulation of the brain that can help calm the anxiety levels and become stress free within a short span of starting abacus classes. Another important factor to be considered is that keeping children occupied with abacus helps in keeping them away from video games and mobile phones indirectly keeping them away from screen time stress.

Analytical skills

These simple calculations on an abacus tablet increase the child’s problem solving skills and analytical skills. The mathematical calculations on abacus tablets are an exercise to the brain that helps in faster brain functionality. Thus making abacus education extremely beneficial for the children. These are the benefits of abacus that will make you enrol your child to learn abacus right away. The best way to ensure an overall early child development is through channelising their energy into learning abacus. Utilise your time most effectively by learning mathematical calculations the best possible way. Rainbow school has an exclusive curriculum for students to adapt and gain knowledge in the most effective way. Get a dynamic education environment and develop your child’s skills at Rainbow school.


What is the purpose of using abacus

Abacus tablet is a calculation tool with beads and colours made for effective mathematical calculations. Abacus tablets are used by sliding counters along rods or grooves. The abacus can calculate roots up to the cubic degree, in addition to the basic mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Is abacus useful for adults

Abacus education is based on arithmetic functions that increase problem solving, focus and concentration levels in adults. Abacus lessons also stimulate memory power and presence of mind in the individuals making it the best tool for adults.

How many days does it take to learn Abacus

Abacus is based on a dynamic calculative function making it a structured level [8 levels] and degree [10 degrees] program. Each level takes approximately 4-5 months to complete.

What is the limitation of abacus

A major disadvantage of abacus is that you can't perform complex calculations on the abacus tool. Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, mostly even cubes of numbers but nothing more than that can be performed.

What is the fullform of abacus

The full form of abacus is - Abundant Beads Addition Calculation Utility System.