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Easy & Interesting Extra-Curricular Activities for Middle Schoolers

Middle school is the perfect time to pursue exciting extra-curricular activities. They pave the way for a career path and empower students with life skills. Let us give an insight into these after-school activities.

What is an extra-curricular activity?

All the exhilarating nuances apart from the regular curriculum fall under the umbrella of extra-curricular activities. Let us look into how they can help students grow above and beyond academics.

What are the different types of extra-curricular activities?

Art Club

It goes without saying that creativity blooms through art and craft. Moreover, art classes or origami are therapeutic and drive away the stress of rigorous academics. If your child likes to craft his thoughts through paint brushes, understand them and insist they join an art club. Not only do art club ideas help them hone their skills but also in bonding with peers of similar interests.

Cooking Class

If your child loves exploring cuisines, you have to open the doors of the culinary world for them. Letting them handle knives and kitchen equipment can be a concerning issue for you, but there are age-appropriate techniques and recipes. Enroll them in some cooking classes online and let them indulge in their passions. This will teach them discipline and how to organize things clean and orderly.


Theater can be a means of expression to some and a form of identity to others. If your kid loves being the center of attention and is a drama queen, they should definitely give theater auditions a try. The cherry on the top is that it ensures holistic development in them, from developing cognitive skills to psychomotor attributes.

Research Projects with a Mentor

Research projects for middle school students are the stepping stones to building a career. Be it for case studies or book reviews, carousing through captivating and informative books can be refreshing and inspiring. Collecting, analyzing, and comprehending data under the guidance of a mentor can help them form a perspective of the real world.


Sports is undeniably one of the best extra-curricular activities for middle schoolers. Enthusiasm spikes when kids hear the word "game." Let them fulfill their zeal and get their dose of fun. Sports instill a sense of discipline, time management, and team spirit in them. Indulging in a basketball practice schedule or any favorite sport goes a long way in improving students' physical and mental health.

Rainbow group of schools understand the importance of extra-curricular activities for middle schoolers and strictly adhere to encouraging every student to participate in them. We strive to unlock their true potential and spark creativity.