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How to teach kids to save paper

How to teach kids to save paper

Conserving resources is the need of the hour! Our mother Earth is in a terrible state, and the depletion of resources poses a serious threat to mankind. As a parent, you should be morally conscious and make future generations understand the importance of conservation. If you have ever wondered how kids recklessly use paper and wanted to bring a change in them, this article is for you. Let’s dig into how to teach kids to save paper.

Recycling of paper

Whenever you stumble upon how to teach kids to save paper, recycling paper is the first thing that comes to your mind, right? It is the best thing you could possibly do. Before you do that, make sure you collect all the used papers in your home. Recycling DIYs can be really fun and ensures parent-child bonding.

Paper craft

If you discard used paper, it will just end up in landfills. Instead, you can prolong the shelf life of paper by creating something with it. For example, try doing origami or any craft work with your child. Not only does it spark creativity in children, but it also helps save the environment. Make it a decorative piece in their bedroom. Let them have a collection. That sounds even better!

Use paper efficiently

There will be numerous times when your child just scribbles on paper and wastes it. So, how to teach kids to save paper in a manner that transforms into a habit? Sit with them and make them aware of the importance of conservation. Ask them to use both sides of the paper. In fact, make it a game! Brainstorm ideas that will excite them to conserve paper.


If you don’t have the time to recycle paper, you can resort to recycling centres in your neighbourhood. Let your child tag along and understand what goes behind the process.

Digital bills

Wherever you go on a shopping spree with your child, always opt for a digital bill instead of a copy. This way, you will not only save paper but also set an example for your child to conserve paper by making conscious decisions.

Importance of saving paper

Before you cultivate the idea of conserving paper in your child, it is crucial you make them understand the importance of saving paper. Here’s what you should let them know.

Preservation of forest

Many trees are cut every year to produce paper and paper products like tissues, toilet paper, etc. Deforestation can lead to soil erosion and disrupt the natural habitat of wildlife.

Saving energy

Production of paper is a highly energy-intensive process. This energy usually comes through the combustion of fossil fuels which pollute the air. This has a serious negative impact on the environment and further leads to climate change.

Saves water

The quantity of water that goes into making a single sheet of paper is unbelievable. The depletion of freshwater resources just accelerates extinction, be it animals or humans. So, you better hurry before the resources deplete.

Hope you got a crystal clear idea of how to teach kids to save paper in an exhilarating way. Don’t just stop with these tips. You can even follow a no paper day in your house wherein everyone in the family opts out of using paper for the day. Let them find their alternatives. Keep in mind to educate your kids about conservation. At Rainbow group of schools, we imbibe a moral code in every student that helps them understand what conserving resources stands for and work towards the cause.