Date: 16-06-2023 By:Admin

Rainbow Better Together

School is a place that comes with the best of memories, we all have the best days of our lives in the school by making amazing friends for lifetime. Schools remind us of the endless slot of memories that bind us together as individuals and help us in building a strong vigorous representation of life ahead of us. We build the best of bonds and learn life's hardest lessons together during school where we are taught how to lead a brighter career path and understand the basics of humanity. School memories and life lessons go better together, don’t you think? Let’s see what else goes better together?


Teachers and students:

Schools are a place where you get guidance from professional faculty that help you start your career. Therefore professional teachers and students go better together.

Lunchbox and friends:

One of the best things that helped you make good friends in school is your lunch box. You might have never liked your lunch but your friends are always dying to grab your lunch box. That's how we know that lunch boxes and friends go better together.

Pencil and eraser:

Let’s all agree that pencil and eraser are a match made in heaven and how one makes mistakes and the other one covers up for your mistakes. Pencils and erasers are definitely a better together combination.

Sports and education:

Education system in India has evolved to inculcate sports as a part of the curriculum and not just a time pass filler in between your study hours as a break. Today sports have become as important as education. Sports and education go better together.

Notebooks and stickers:

Remember how right after we purchased new books and our favourite cartoon stickers that we used as a bait to tease our friends. Notebooks and stickers definitely go better together.

Rainbow and brighter future:

Rainbow group of schools brings to you the best of education and curriculum that inculcates the right path to your success. Therefore, the winner of the better together series goes to Rainbow and a brighter future because Rainbow adds colours to the child’s future.