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6 Ways to help your child overcome stage fear

6 Ways to help your child overcome stage fear

Learning and nailing the art of public speaking can seem like a distant goal for students. But once they put in all the focus and work towards it, they will surely ace it. It doesn't happen overnight, be patient and teach them ways to improve their public speaking skills. If your child stage fear is your concern, this article is for you.

Tips to overcome stage fear

Practice is the key!

There is this famous saying that "Practice makes a man perfect." Well, the more they focus on the material and thoroughly practise, the better will be the outcome. Ask your child to do their speech in front of the mirror. It is a great way to improve the expressions, and delivery and, more importantly, gives a clear understanding of how one is performing. Slowly and steadily, let them do this in front of family or friends. Taking their suggestions will further help them perform better and overcome fear.

Words of encouragement

Whatever your child's speaking ability is, always be by their side. Be their armour and be actively involved to help them overcome stage fear. Keep in mind that encouragement is not just confined to words of praise and a pat on the back. Even constantly investing in their creative bubble and catering time to their needs can strongly motivate your child.

Constant Affirmations

While delivering a speech is an easy and enjoyable task for some, it can be a nightmare for others. Shyness can be a problem. It is crucial to encourage your child to use affirmations and believe in their ability. For instance, if they had to deliver a complicated and lengthy topic, they might worry about the response of the audience and time. Instead of "How can I do this?" inculcate affirmations like "I can definitely do this." Positive affirmations work like a charm every time. Say it out loud and clear.

Tackle intrusive thoughts

Getting off-the-grid thoughts is not an unnatural phenomenon when it comes to presenting on a stage. Does ignoring them help combat child stage fear? No! Rather ask your child to acknowledge them and let them float away. Find good ways to retain focus, grab attention and engage the audience. For example, if your child feels stuck, instead of taking a long pause, they can ask a question to the audience. This can fill the gap and give them the time to collect their thoughts.

Movement and gestures

Stuttering, butterflies in the belly, and clammy hands are common signs of anxiety and stage fear. How to combat them? Breathing exercises and meditation can help your child lower their anxiety before they go onto the stage. Even during the talk, constant movement, facial expressions, and volume of their voice can release pent-up energy and relieve their stress. Find exciting ways to redirect the nervous energy into nailing the presentation or speech. You know what works for your child.

Public Speaking Class

Although these quick fixes can aid your child in honing their public speaking skills, nothing can be better than a public speaking class. The internet is swamped with educational courses, tips, and tricks. There are also several offline options available to overcome child stage fear. Take feedback from your friends or students before enrolling your child in a public speaking class. They teach everything your kid will ever need, from the right posture to boosting confidence.

Schools also have a thorough curriculum that helps students develop public speaking skills and tackle child stage fear. At Rainbow group of schools, we have exhilarating activities that polish their skills and equip them with qualities to face the real world.